Our service is like no other. After 15-years of researching the supernatural. CPI Investigations and their members have decided to offer the Iroquois Technology to the general public. This is the same technology successfully used on the "Travel Channel" and in popular films like "A Haunting on Brockway Street & A Haunting on Finn Road -The Devil's Grove." Our Iroquois service has been deemed to be 99% accurate in capturing an image of what may be haunting a location. Empowered with this technology. Property owners along with their agents can forge a better plan to sell their active properties. For families who might be suffering with a haunting experience, we use Gofundme to assure all families can afford our services. Read more about it below where you see the photograph of TD.

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No longer do you need to live in a home where the invisible world of the supernatural has taken over. With assistance from CPI & the Iroquois Technology. Families can now be given the tools to level the playing field by exposing the face of the entity.  Learning the identity of what may or may not be haunting your home is just the next step in resolving the situation.

It has begun. The filming of Haunted Sag

My Name Is

TD McRoy.


I am a co-actor in the Haunted Saginaw movie franchise. The series was founded by Director Steve Shippy. In the series, we used the powerful computer program called the "Iroquois Technology" to detect hidden muon & tau particle neutrinos.

We were also invited to use the Iroquois Technology in a Travel Channel case where a woman was being "bewitched" by an unseen force. We were able to successfully capture the entity who is tormenting the woman. The CPI Investigations organization has discovered nearly two dozen images since working with Steve Shippy and his talented team of investigators.

Although the Iroquois Technology is decades away from perfection. We have decided to open our program services to the general public. If you live within the United States of America and are having paranormal activity within your home or commercial structure.  You can request CPI (Iroquois Technology) assistance by clicking the green GoFundMe®" button on the right. 

We have given great thought to the best and most effective manner to offer the Iroquois Technology to those in desperate need. Understanding we cannot help everyone in need.  We felt the fairest and most equitable way to give those suffering with a haunting is to make it affordable for everyone regardless of their financial situation. 

We have come up with a "Neighbor Helping Neighbor" concept by using "Crowdfunding" to foot the bill.  CPI will only use Iroquois Technology on cases that are fully funded by the community by way of a Crowdfunding site like Gofundme@. CPI wishes to help those in need but does not want to directly charge those suffering by adding an unexpected financial burden.

Whether you are of great financial means or of considerable financial hardship. All requests for service must begin with raising money towards a CPI Investigation. You must appeal to the community by making a video asking for donations in support of your crisis. Once the total has been reached. CPI will visit the Gofundme@ page to assure the goal has been reached appropriately. CPI will not take cases where direct lump sums were gathered. Meaning you can not just write us a check. Only property owners and corporations can pay for our services directly. 

The investigation must be fully supported by the community if you are a homeowner.  CPI will not take part in any fundraisers nor will we lend advice to the best way to raise money for the investigation. CPI will only communicate once the funds have been allocated through Gofundme@. Once this has taken place, you will be placed on the next open calendar spot. To find out what we charge for our Iroquois service, you must contact us by email and we will share the cost for service. 

Most investigations take only one day and are scheduled on weekends. Just know that the price for service is built on the facts we must travel with 2-3 CPI members and pay for lodging, meals, and transportation. In most cases, we are talking about 3 plane tickets, 3 separate hotel rooms, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So are pricing is based on those standards to give you an idea of what we need to charge for our service even before the time associated running the footage gathered through the Iroquois Technology program. This is why Go funding is so very important.    

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Check out whom we work with below

  • Property Owners

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Families in dire need (We only take Gofundme cases)

  • Paranormal Researchers Movie & TV Production Companies

  • Celebrity Haunted Homes

Spirit Faces

from the book

"33 Miles from Washington" on Amazon

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"Is the image on the right the spirit of the man on the left?"

The above human-like figure on the right came from an Iroquois Technology "hit" in 2017.  The portrait on the left is from The Mount in Lenox, Massachusetts.


The Iroquois Technology cannot confirm positively to whom any captured image might be. It only shows the image of human-like figures seen in the upper right.


It is solely up to each individuals viewing this and others like it, to determine what is being depicted. CPI gives no guarantees to the exact identity of any Iroquois Technology images "hit." Nor does the Iroquois Technology provide positive proof of an afterlife.


Iroquois Technology has not been tested by way of peer-review. Until such time, the Iroquois Technology will remain in the category as "Entertainment Physics."  We can only show you what we have captured, we cannot tell you what it is we have captured. Nor will we ever call what we have captured a "GHOST" We have no proof that ghosts are real. We only discover images of what many people may call a ghost. CPI almost never use such terms.

Physicist TD McRoy


What is haunting



CPI Investigations members would like to be available to help all in need. The reality of the situation is we cannot. We move those who have children and the elderly to the top of the list whenever possible. Next, we only use the Iroquois Technology on cases of extreme.


If you only want to know what is haunting a location and there is no threat of mental or physical harm. We are not interested. We are hoping to help those in dire need.  Also, we need  a letter of proof from the property owner that we can investigate the location. If you are in the military and need are assistance, we need permission from the base commander in writing.  


YOUR LIFE & Let GoFundme help.




Q: Can active paranormal research teams request a CPI Investigation to help them with their clients? A: Yes, paranormal teams can make a request for a CPI Investigation as long as they follow the same standards of raising funds through Crowdfunding. They can raise money from their followers and fan base and donate those funds to help CPI continue their research. We are happy to take part in paranormal groups from around the world. However, if you have watched any of Steve Shippy's films with TD McRoy in them. Just know, he is not a ghost hunter and will not take part in ghost hunting. He will only do a walkthrough and evidence reveal. 


The below image came from the color video on the lower left. 100% of

all CPI evidence comes from video shot by CPI Investigations. Without

the Iroquois Technology "hit" pointing to the base of the tree, we would have never discovered this amazing image. We know this is a legitimate "hit" because the Iroquois Technology will only it on muon & tau particles hidden within film footage. We got a strong "hit" at the base of this tree. 

The tiny white arrows show the location of spirit energy. The one at the top left looks to be the face of a man in a top hat with a small child just below.

Original video shot in Comus, Maryland


An amazing image with a child wearing an Elizabeth keckley dress.